Wait until yesterday is here
Time travellers
Dear old city
Travel sketches
Storm. Static. Sleep.
Home, far away
Silent passage
Je n’en connais pas la fin
51°24′17″N 30°03′25″E
It carries me
2,860 km
Geography of nowhere
Almost the smallest moment
A naked spirit
The starling
Strings at 2:45
Nothing changes
You look like rain
There must be something
Changing places
Songbirds (Part I.)

Early in a spring morning a quiet chanson echoes from a house, the tunes slowly fade away. Time travellers look up for a brief and strange moment, but in the blink of an eye they suddenly disappear. Fragmented sounds of a river in winter… it’s like there’s nothing else to hear within thousands of miles. An unknown orchestra explodes, the strings complain peacefully and at this very moment the snow begins to fall. Somebody’s naked spirit finally escapes from his body, runs away and gets lost underground…

The photographic short stories of Songbirds are results of an exciting and difficult journey. Photos in it like random frames, frozen moments from a movie’s film roll which is spinning too fast in the projector. Pictures of cities and landscapes that became unrecognizable, strange, haunting and beautiful. I hope you hear the music, tunes or at least noises when looking at these images, like I heard when I took them. The violins, cellos, guitars, drums and basstunes, pianos, footsteps, storms, whispers… and the birds. The noisy starlings, the careful crows, the shameless seagulls and all the songbirds.