The Pale Lights
Henry or Hank
Black Flag
Ivory Nights
After all these years
Long Time in Silence
And what if he dies
Painted Scenery
Gently as she goes
Sleepwalk city
The Boy’s Own Story
Warm your hands
Sky Burial
After the Flood
Narrow Margins
Stay September!
The Maltese
Hey Saturday Sun!
Protagonist of Albert Camus
A Stray Ghost
Phantom of Us
Into the Well
A Somewhere Place
I remember that hot day in June

A Stray Ghost and Other Stories

A Stray Ghost and Other Stories is rather like visual volumes of short stories, than a photo series following a strict theme or a concept. The 30 pieces of the collection are 30 stories captured in a blink of an eye. All of them took place between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2017, mostly in Budapest.

These moments were sometimes remote, sometimes close, almost tangible even, in other cases they were peculiar, hardly noticeable, elusive that deep down are touching personal things, are about constant curiosity, establishing contact, getting lost and found, about crises and redemption.

Take a look behind the scenes: Out of Sight – A Stray Ghost and Other Stories